Covid-19 Update:  19th Feb Update

Church will be back live this Sunday 21st Feb!

Pop over to our booking tab to booking into 9am at St Johns or 11am at Leopold.

This Lent – we listen again to the songs of long ago.
Songs of lament. Songs of deliverance. Songs of praise.
And we place these songs into our times.
We sing a new song unto the Lord (Psalm 96:1)

Details about upcoming services are also on our Facebook page.

 Worship@Home Materials – to use at any time with your family or in your private devotion.

Please feel free to explore our Worship @ Home tab/resource pages to find  kid’s activities and more from our church to support your worship time at home. You can also check out our Private Devotion tab where Pastor Milton posts a weekly devotion for you to reflect on.

If you need pastoral care or support at this time, please call our pastor,
Pastor Milton (0400763011).

Welcome to St John’s Lutheran Church, Geelong

We are a community that celebrates and receives God’s love for us through his Son, Jesus Christ. Under our mission statement ‘Growing in Faith, Reaching Out with Love’ we strive to support each other in their faith journey and reach out to others to share God’s love.

Lutheran Church of AustraliaSt John’s is a place where God’s love comes to life.
You are welcome to come and be a part of this.