We are a community that celebrates and receives God’s love for us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

The Story 

CrossWorshipBackground2000 years ago in a tiny stable in a town called Bethlehem a baby boy was born.  This is where love came to life so that Jesus could begin the work of showing us God’s great love by setting us free from death, evil and sin.

Love came to life as Jesus walked through towns and villages helping people, forgiving sins, raising the dead and comforting the lonely and forgotten.

On the cross we see where love went to die, as we see Jesus paying the price for our sin and guilt.

Three days later we see love coming to life as Jesus showed his power over death by rising to life.


What this means for us…

Now, in our day and age we see God’s love still coming to life. 

  • As a community we worship in the name of the Triune God.
  • We gather together to be blessed by Jesus as we see His love coming to life in words, waters, wafers and wine.
  • We gather around the Bible to hear and receive God’s forgiveness, His promises and His love.
  • We celebrate Baptism as a show of God’s love as He comes and washes away the sin of adults, infants, children and teens.
  • We live in the grace of our Baptism as a constant reminder of God’s love and will towards us.
  • We celebrate Holy Communion where love comes to life as we receive the body and blood of Jesus with the bread and the wine.

We are a community that is loved by God and that strives to love others with the love and compassion God has shown to us.  We have a Father who loves us, a Saviour who died for us and the Holy Spirit who works faith in us and comforts us in our daily life.

St John’s is a place where God’s love comes to life.  You are welcome to come and be a part of this.

Yours in Christ,

The St John’s Lutheran Church Community.