St John’s Lutheran Church Sunday School

Sunday School is a warm friendly space where the children meet during the second half of the Sunday morning service.  Volunteers lead the children to our education block where the Bible story for the week is presented and unravelled at a level appropriate for the children.

Children of all ages are welcome.

There are two groups that meet each week in the education block located at the back left hand side of the church building.

The Lil’ Lights are our younger members ranging from 3 years to eight years old.

Each week the Lil’ Lights are presented with a Bible story, do a craft and share a prayer time.  We also enjoy songs and music, games and learning activities and role plays.

The Salt group are ages nine and upward.  Often Salt will join the Lil’ Lights to hear the story for the day and then move into their own space where they can explore the topics more deeply and share with each other in prayer.

From week to week the Salt group may enjoy acting out stories, completing activities as a group, creating things, and delving into conversation.

The Sunday School teachers are a committed group that rotate from week to week.  They range from retired teachers, to a scientist and a fashion designer and all share a passion for encouraging the children of our community in their faith journeys.

Parents are welcome to come with their children and be a part of the time together.

The Sunday School meets during the school term.  The children meet at the back of the church after the children’s address during worship and are returned to the church in time for a blessing at the end of communion.

We love seeing new faces and welcome new visitors.