Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 it is currently advised that public worship is limited to small numbers. You are now able to book into short Holy Communion services through the website (limit of 20 people per service).

However, we also encourage you to continue to gather together in your homes as a family for worship time – either on Sundays or at any other time during the week. Please feel free to use these resources with your children to guide your Worship @ Home.

from St John’s Worship Team.


Kids @ Home – Come to Jesus


Let’s warm up with a song!!

Bible Verse Matthew 11:28

‘Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.’

Weightlifters lift heavy weights. They often work out until they are exhausted and sometimes, they keep going until their muscles are shaky like jelly.

For this reason, weightlifters need to have a ‘spotter’. The spotter’s job is not to lift the weight but just to stand guard. To be ready, with hands in position, just in case the weight becomes too heavy for the weightlifter. The spotter will save the day if needed.

God is like our spotter. He promises to always be there right next to us. He promises to be ready when we call. He promises to catch our heavy load and give us rest when we are weary.

Praise God that we do not do life alone.


Kids Talk –


Have you got some stones and some worries?

In devotion, using chalk, write a worry onto one of your stones.

Eg. school work. A difficult relationship at school. Loneliness. Write down multiple worries if you need to.

During prayer time over the coming days, hold your stone as you tell God about your worry. Ask Him to ease your worry load. Trust Him to help you find rest.

Keep praying every day, until you feel God begin to give you peace.

Then release your worry by thanking God for His faithfulness and go ahead, wash your stone clean.


Decorate a Wall: Finally, this verse is the kind you want on your wall…a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness and promise to grant us rest in our worry.

This gorgeous colouring is available for free at the website below. Please share a photo of your completed colouring to our comments if you can.


The cross, the yoke, and rest + Matthew 11:28-30 printable coloring page




SONG – I love the energy of this song!!

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