Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During this time of social restrictions we encourage you to gather together in your homes as a family for worship time – either on Sundays or at any other time during the week. Please feel free to use these resources with your children to guide your Worship @ Home.

from St John’s Worship Team.

Kids @ Home – Those who dream – stay awake!

In Mark 13  24-37 Jesus said: Keep watch! 


Have you ever had someone pick you up to take you to an event?

Maybe a trip to the swimming pool.

You think, ‘Yeph, I’ve got plenty time to get ready.’

Then, there is a knock on the door… and your bag isn’t quite packed!

You still need to grab some money, you haven’t brushed your teeth, you need to write a note to your mum.

Finally, you get in the car and… you get a sinking gut feeling… you forgot to pack dry undies!

If only you had just taken the time to be better prepared.

Jesus tells us to be ready for his return.  It’s easy to think, ‘I’ve got plenty of time.’

However, let us not be caught unprepared.

So, how do we prepare for Jesus’ return? Really prepare?

Yes, you know the answers…

  • We pray
  • We read the Bible
  • We trust Jesus
  • We tell others that He is coming

But why do we do these things? Do we actually do them?

In your family, discuss ways you can actively connect with Jesus in your every day life. Here are some suggestions.

Activity One: Create your own family advent wreath.

Be as creative as you like using whatever you have around your home.

Read some information here about the symbolism of different candles in your wreath.

Let’s use this Advent time to get our hearts ready for Jesus!


Activity Two: Create your own Advent Calendar to count down to Jesus’ Birthday

Create 25 cards to peg onto a string. Each member in your family can write a message inside the cards. Include: prayer items, favourite Bible verses, acts of kindness, blessings.

Each day, gather as a family and read the card together. Take time to pray together and ask Jesus’ to prepare your heart for His return.


Activity Three: Be an Elf that helps

I’ve seen pictures of the Elf on the Shelf helping around the house. What a thoughtful Elf to have.

Christmas presents began as an act of giving. The Magi brought gifts to Jesus. Unfortunately, we sometimes think Christmas presents are about ‘What will I get?’

This Christmas how can you be a person focussed on giving and not receiving?

Think of yourself as an Elf who Helps!

Make something to give away.

Share a talent with someone to brighten their day.

Make a phone call.

Send a card.

Help around the house.

In all of these ways, when we focus our attention on Jesus as the true joy of Christmas, we allow Jesus to transform our hearts and prepare us for his second coming.

Kid’s Talk – Thank you Pastor Milton



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