Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 it is currently advised that public worship should be postponed. So, as you gather together in your homes as a family this Easter, please feel free to use these resources with your children to guide your Worship @ Home.

from St John’s Worship Team.

Kids @ Home – Holy Week

Maundy Thursday

Share a special Passover Meal together as a family.

A devotion and instructions re food preparation are on the Worship @ Home Maundy Thursday page!!

Good Friday

After some worship time, snuggle up on the couch with your family and watch “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe”.

This is screening on Disney Plus (7 day free trial available if needed).

If you have the book on the shelf, you could also read it aloud to each other over the weekend.

Easter Sunday

Get up really early at 6am (dawn) and have a breakfast picnic outside (e.g. hot cross buns with a thermos of Milo). If you are really keen, you might like to set up the tent and sleep in the backyard on Saturday night.

Look to the East and watch the sun rise. Read the story of Easter Sunday from your favourite family bible.

You might like to use the Worship @ Home Dawn Service Devotion.

Have some great worship time and then hunt (and eat) some Easter Eggs with your family.

A Holy Week activity:

Find a bare branch and place it in a pot. Each day of Holy Week, attach a different symbol to the branch and read the associated Scripture passage.

Palm Sunday: Read Matthew 21:1-9. Place twigs and strips of cloth at the foot of the branch to symbolise the cloaks and branches spread on the road as Jesus entered Jerusalem.
Monday: Read Matthew 21:42-46. Place a stone at the foot of the branch to symbolise Jesus, the stone that was rejected.
Tuesday: Read Matthew 26:6-13. Hang a small bottle of perfume from the branch.
Wednesday: Read Matthew 26:14-16. Hang a bag of coins on the branch.
Maundy Thursday: Read Matthew 26:17-30. Place a small plate and cup at the foot of the cross as a reminder of the Last Supper.
Good Friday: Read Matthew 27:1, 33-50. Hammer small nails into the branch and attach a sign reading “This is Jesus, King of the Jews”.
Saturday: Read Matthew 27:57-60. Place a black cloth over the branch.
Easter Sunday: Read Matthew 28:1-10. Remove the black cloth and decorate the branch with flowers, paper butterflies or paper streamers.
We will put up our photos as we do it at home. Please send through your photos so we can see what you do! – Pastor Milton and Gaylea
(These resources have been adapted from Grow Ministries. Find out more here.

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